5 Best Incontinence Pants (Adult Diapers) For Seniors & The Elderly

There is no question the reality that at some point you will probably need to have the Incontinence talk with your parent, and the dose of reality they will experience is not easy for anyone to think about, much less talk about.

Honestly it is not an article we look forward to publishing on Senior Living Plans.  We realized it is an important subject, part of the ageing process and we felt our readers would receive value from proper, reliable information.  So no it is no an easy topic.

However. if you are blessed with a long life this is something all of us will have to deal with, and hopefully straight one. The human life cycle is a true circle – it goes round and begins where it started, initially.

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In the beginning of our life our parents take care of us, and at the end of their life, we take care of them.

This means that, at a certain point, a Senior Citizen or an elderly relative will start behaving exactly like a baby – if blessed with long life enough.

I wish there was an easier way to express this, but with many things as we grow older, it just simply is what it is.

While such an impressive long life is surely a blessing many wish for, it also comes with some challenges that may not be very easy to handle and frankly outrightly embarrassing if not handled well. One of such challenges is body wastes management – especially feces and urine.

This is the number one reason why you would need an adult diaper and get a basic understanding of types & the best adult diapers. In this article we will share with you more than any of us would ever care to know. But hopefully it will answer the questions you have, and help develop a plan.  At some point we all need reliable information on the subject either for yourself as a Senior Citizen or a relative who has been so blessed with enviable long life.

You could also be looking  for the best adult diaper if you’re a caregiver – and an elderly patient needs their services.

However, good old age aside, there is also another instance that shopping

In this situation, opting for an incontinence brief makes perfect sense for both the medically challenged elderly person and the care giver: both are more relaxed and during the night, both can enjoy their sleep uninterrupted.

Of course, a last instance exist where the use of an adult diaper makes perfect sense and you’ll naturally need to find the best adult diapers you can either online or offline if you or someone you care for is living with a permanent (or temporarily) physical challenges.

The truth is, with the right attitude adjustment, and yes it is an adjustment, but never the less with the right incontinence pants he/she can still enjoy life and feel completely normal.  And truth be told this is a normal part of elderly living for most.

What to Look for When Shopping for

  1.  Absorbing Capability

    Whether an absorbent underwear is targeted at either liquid waste, solid bodily waste (or both), there is one super important feature to consider first and foremost – its absorbency.

The traditional absorbency of an adult diaper will provide superior comfort for the Senior Citizen using them and will ensure that they do not need to be changed frequently.

These qualities inspire confidence in the user and also make care giving a bit easier. 🙂

Adult diapers that meet this specification retain waste well in the range of 24-34 oz. Aside this, they are built with heavy elastic around their tabs, leg opening and waist opening (for the pull up designs).

This should be the number one feature you should look for in an absorbency brief or pants when you think or shop for best adult diapers for Seniors or the elderly.  “ Retain waste well in the range of 24-34 oz

2. Odor Retention: The odor retention of any incontinence pants for adults is obviously very important, especially if it is aimed at fecal retention.

To get this right, you’ll need to check with the particular brand you are about purchasing and look out particularly for express notes/instructions that implicates the fact that odor is retained.

Aside this however, another smart way of gauging odor retention is to check the thickness of the padding and importantly, estimate how tightly the adult diaper grips at the thighs.

The tighter the elastic provision at the thighs, the better/effective the pants will prove to be when it comes to controlling odor.

3. Size 

The size of the adult diaper you are deciding on should be an important point to consider.  Like all of us, elderly persons/Senior Citizens have different body sizes. Adult diapers come in different sizes and are not that consistent from brand to bran.

Usually adult diapers are available in the normal sizes you would expect, there are XL, L, M & S, but again can be inconsistent from manufacturer to manufacturer.

With the wrong fit the incontinence pants could perform far below your expectations.  I suggest that you order from a couple of reputable brands so you have one to fall back on. 

I cannot tell you how important getting it right the first time is to maintain the best positive outlook possible.

4. Style

Generally, absorbent adult diapers for Seniors/the elderly come in two distinct styles/designs: the pull up style and the tabs design model.

The pull up design comes in the form of regular pants or briefs – and is worn in the same manner a regular underwear is worn. In fact, the philosophy behind this design is that, incontinence pants should look, feel and be worn in the same manner as traditional pants, briefs or boxers.

The tabs design is a little bit different. An adult incontinence pant that is ‘powered’ by tabs has either Velcro or buttons by the side and is operated in that fashion – much like the traditional diaper kids rely on.

Now, there isn’t much difference between the two design models, most seniors seem to start with the pull up type.

However, if an elderly person is sensitive – or does prefer one over the other, it is certainly worth taking the pain to ensure that the style that fits better and is preferred is actually purchased and used to see which is going to work best.

From our research and experience, a bedridden Senior or elderly person will be far better of with the tabs model – especially since it provides better ease of both use and disposal.  A normal functioning senior will probably prefer they pull up style.

What are the best Adult Diaper Brands?

There are dozens of adult diaper brands in the market, so for obvious reasons we see no value in attempting to list them all.  If we would recommend them to our own parents, they didn’t make our list.  

For the money, we believe these are the best and we have ranked them in order.  These are our Top 5 adult diaper brands.

Tranquility Premium

Abena Abri-Flex pull-ons

MoliCare Mobile Underwear

Tranquility ATN (All-through-the-Night) Fitted Briefs

Attends Incontinence Care Briefs for Adults

We feel these five adult diapers are the best available and any senior man or women should be safe and secure with any of them.

Adult Diapers Designed for Men

Normally, there are no special adult diapers for men. Adult incontinence diapers serve both men and women and are accordingly, unisex.

However, there are some brands that are made specially for men in mind. The Tena Incontinence Guard for Men is the most popular one in the market.

Adult Diapers for Women

Like a dedicated adult diaper for men, women have no special diaper type reserved for them. However, of late, there has been some special diapers that are manufactured specially with women in mind.

One of such incontinence undies is the Prevail Dri-Fit Collections Underwear for Women.  They are gaining in popularity and currently one of the top selling brands for women.

Take note however that women can also use any of the adult diapers reviewed here since all of them have been designed to serve both sexes comfortably.

Diapered Men/Women: Is There any Shame in Using Incontinence Pants as an Elderly Person?

There are many reasons why you may need to use a diaper as an elderly person or desire to have it used by your loved one who is a Senior Citizen.

However, whatever the reason that makes its use necessary for either you or your loved one, two (3) things are important to note:

  • It is not your fault it is part of the life cycle as previously discussed.
  • The real question is, is it  worse if you embarrass yourself in public because you refused to use one?
  • As previously mentioned and attitude adjust is required and the sooner you realize how blessed you are to have made it to this stage in life the better off you will be.

The summary? An incontinence pants is like a drug to an elderly user (or any other user for that matter). It is necessary to preserve dignity and avoid embarrassment and should NOT in any instance, arouse shame in users or caregivers.

We wish you the best as you find the right adult diaper for you or someone your are providing care for.

Shopping for the best adult diapers or incontinence pants for Seniors is not what anyone would look forward to, believe me. Not you – and certainly not us.

However, the scenario above projects an ideal world – a world where things are perfect and senior mishaps & accidents are  non-existent.

In the real world however (the one we all share), Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, Senile Dementia, other health conditions and general old age make Seniors/our elderly loved ones incontinent. When this happens, it is only logical and proper that we seek to help them as best as we can.

If you’re thus looking for the best incontinence pants for your aged loved ones (or yourself), you’ve come to the right place.

These are the our picks for the Top five adult diapers available. The great new is they can be ordered online from your computer with one click and be sent to you discreetly.  You will have them in a couple of days because they will be mailed from the Amazon warehouse closest to your location.

As we mentioned earlier these are the 5 most reliable incontinence pants available.

5 Best Adult Diapers/Incontinence Pants for Seniors & the Elderly

They are in order based upon our editorial rating.


The Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-On Adult Diapers are a distinct, practical & unique suitable for Seniors and the elderly. The feature a taller, full-rise waist panel with the trim look of an ordinary underwear, this diaper does not look or feel like many incontinence products at all.

This means elderly user have less challenges with both dignity – and ease of use – the two greatest issues that challenge the elderly when they are faced with the choice of a diaper or when they go shopping for the best adult diapers there are in the market.

Providing daytime and nigh time absorbencies (depending on your choice and need), the Tranquility brand of absorbent underwear promises – and actually delivers an unsurpassed skin dryness, odor retention and most importantly, leakage protection for both moderate and heavy incontinence needs.

Best Features of the Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-on Adult Diapers

  • Popular pull-on regular underwear style design. This style provides for easy wear and removal of incontinence underwear while ensuring that it does not come off accidentally.
  • (Super) excellent absorbency capable of holding waste for up to 12 hours without proving uncomfortable to the wearer without soiling the sheets or clothing.
  • Impressive odor retention and leakage protection made possible by the 34 oz absorbency. The superior construction ensures that odor and leaks are completely impossible.
  • Rustle free design: the diaper is manufactured to feel like normal briefs. It is thus completely free of rustle when worn.
  • Wide range of body sizes are catered for…34 – 48 inches covered. This means that, it will fit the majority of Seniors and elderly without any challenges.
  • Dual protection available. This is available in both daytime and nighttime absorbency to cater for the needs of the moment as required.
  • Easy pull-on design: this makes both putting on and taking off the diaper as easy and stress free as possible.

2. Abena Abri-Flex Pull-ons

The Abena Abri-Flex pull-ons are one of the leading adult diapers particularly known all throughought Europe and the US for both their high quality and supreme absorbency.

Designed with leak up guards, four-strand elastic around the legs, a wetness indicator and an additional extra-tall waistband for added protection, this diaper is designed to give users awesome protection that not all competitors can boast of.

When the rustle-less feature and the latex free realities are factored, the Abena Abri-Flex pull ons are adult diapers worth seriously considering for the aged/elderly in their time of (incontinence) need.

Best Features of the Abena Abri-Flex Pull-ons

  • Latex free design…many users are allergic to latex – and latex products. Luckily, the Abri-Flex Pull-ons are free of latex.
  • Extra absorbency; this feature guarantees the greatest retention and ensures that waste does not escape or soil the user, clothing or sheets. 
  • Breathable, cloth-like fabric backing: this gives users the exact feeling of wearing normal underwear; no rustle.
  • Stand-up leak-guards: this ensures that waste does not ‘surprise’ users by leaking away when they stand up.
  • EZ tear away side seams. These are for easy use and removal. This is super helpful when the users are bedridden or confined to a wheel chair.
  • Wide range of users catered for: fits waists 32 to 44 inches.
  • Impressive absorbency: 37 oz – this can pretty much last throughout the whole night.
  • Discreet white color: if you’re concerned about privacy, this extra (thoughtful) feature would particularly please you.

3. Tranquility ATN (All-through-the-Night) Fitted Briefs

Unarguably the heaviest absorbency diaper (from Tranquility), the Tranquility ATN Fitted Briefs  designed with two re-fast-enable tape tabs on each side and is meant to last users the whole night, hence the ‘ATN’ in the name: ‘All Through the Night’.

The Tranquility name = Quality in the adult diaper space.

Fitted with Kufguard leak-guards and a wetness indicator, they are the perfect fit for the Senior who wishes to sleep in peace all through the night and is also concerned about privacy…they are packed in a generic color for added discretion especially during wear.

They fit waists ranges from 32 to 44 inches.

Best Features of the Tranquility ATN

  • Overnight absorbency to aid users sleep like a baby all through the night.
  • Super discrete color both in packaging and actual use.
  • Two refasten-able tape tabs on each side that makes using the diaper and disposing it super easy for Seniors.
  • Kufguard leak-guards; these ensure no leak comes out when in use.
  • Wetness indicator.
  • Skin dryness guarantee.
  • Odor control.
  • Neutralization of urine – and inhibition of bacterial growth.

4.  MoliCare Mobile Underwear

If you’re shopping for the perfect adult diaper particularly suitable for the active person with heavier needs (who also prefers a pull-on style underwear), the MoliCare Mobile Underwear is what you should consider.

Manufactured with a soft breathable waterproof fabric to reduce skin irritation and hold waste better, the MoliCare underwear absorbs moisture rapidly and feels as comfortable on the skin as a simple cotton underwear designed for active seniors.

The features above also means that it remains as slim as possible, reducing the chances of anyone ever noticing that the user has anything on rather than a conventional underwear.

Best Features of the MoliCare Underwear

  • High level absorbency that keeps users dry – unconditionally.
  • Ample room between leg cuffs & tall leak guard to guard against leaks.
  • Rapid moisture absorption…this ensures that users are kept dry as fast as possible.
  • Quiet cloth-like design and feel.
  • Completely Latex-free.
  • Ability to serve heavier incontinence needs.

5. Attends Incontinence Care Briefs for Adults

The Attends Incontinence Care Briefs for Adults provide maximum protection with fast fluid acquisition and the lowest possible re-wet.

Accordingly, they ensure the longest possible time between a change than any diaper of its kind. This important feature makes them the completing diapers we have selected to complete this list of the best adult diapers for Seniors.

Equipped with waistband and 6 tape tabs for comfortable fit, they are gradually becoming very popular especially in the United States.

Best Features of the Attends Incontinence Care Briefs for Adults

  • 6 tape tabs for a super comfortable fit.
  • Lowest re-wet rates.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Nice thin design that is hardly noticed under clothing

Any of these 5 products we believe you will be happy with. As they say you get what you pay for.  If you are dealing with a parent that is making the transition from regular briefs to incontinence pants, don’t buy low quality products and knock offs.

You need a reliable, dependable product to help make this transition.

How to Convince your Parent of Loved one to Wear Adult Diapers

Incontinence is an embarrassing condition that is often difficult for a person to accept and deal with. Many seniors try to ignore this new development and carry on with their lives, but a head-in-the-sand approach usually attracts more attention to the problem.

Fortunately, there are ways to encourage a loved one to address this issue, but they require patience, understanding and a commitment to upholding your loved one’s dignity even if it means in spite of themselves.

HUGE  Tip: Strike the Word Diaper from your Vocabulary

“My parent won’t wear adult diapers and it drives me nuts!”

This is a common complaint for caregivers whose loved ones are suffering from incontinence, and I absolutely sympathize. However, one glaring piece of this sentence stands out to me: the use of the word “diaper.” The first thing I urge caregivers to do when tackling this sensitive topic is think carefully about their word choices.

Seniors often rebel against the word “diaper” as an adult of any age would—and for good reason. This word implies a piece of clothing used for a baby or toddler who has yet to be toilet trained. What adult would take kindly to this word when it’s applied to them? I mean really, think about it.

To take it one step further, think about this. If you are a middle-aged woman who has had children, you have probably suffered from stress incontinence occasionally, meaning that you’ve leaked a little urine while coughing, sneezing or laughing. Perhaps you’ve even used a panty protector at times. How would you feel if your husband, friend, or someone else your respected, referred to this little protection as a diaper?

Diapers are associated with babies. No adult, regardless of their level of physical or mental disability, should be treated as though they are a baby. Aging and age-related conditions already rob our loved ones of much of their independence and dignity.

Our word choices and tone of voice may not seem that important but communicating and providing care in a way that helps our loved ones feel dignified is a game-changer when it comes to promoting cooperation and boosting their self-esteem and cooperation.  As the children of aging parents, the sooner we understand this the better.

This may seem like nitpicking, but please refer to incontinence products with age-appropriate terms. Think along the lines of briefs, pads, underpants, the actual brand name like Depends—anything you want. Just make the word respectful and you’ll have mastered the first step toward getting a senior to wear incontinence protection.

I ask you to do this not only for the elder, but yourself. Using respectful words will help remind you that you are caring for an adult who deserves to be treated as such.

Determine What is Causing Incontinence

I’m aware that just changing the words you use isn’t going to completely solve the emotional challenges. When incontinence becomes even an occasional issue, it’s important for your loved one to see their doctor about it. It may be caused by something straightforward, such as a urinary tract infection (UTI) or an over active bladder (OAB), or a more serious underlying issue like prostate problems in men or pelvic organ prolapse (POP) in women.

Most likely, you’ve taken your elder to the doctor to address the issue. After testing to determine the type of incontinence your loved one is experiencing, their doctor may be able to recommend pelvic floor exercises, minor surgical procedures and even medications that can help manage incontinence and prevent accidents.

Sometimes a second opinion from a urologist is a good idea as well. If you deal with what’s causing symptoms of incontinence, then adult briefs and other protection may wind up being unnecessary.

Deal with Denial Head On

If your loved one’s cognition is still good but they simply prefer to live in denial about this new development in their health, try appealing to their sense of vanity. After all, vanity is what keeps us in denial about many age-related issues.

Our culture is guilty of ageism to the extent that many people go to extremes to appear as though they are winning this losing battle against nature.

Certainly, incontinence is very difficult to accept. However, if you, or a third party, can convince your elder that it’s much more embarrassing to smell like urine because you ignore leakage than it is to wear proper protection, you may get somewhere.

Promise to work with them to find a comfortable, absorbent and low-profile solution that will enable them to maintain their dignity, extend their independence and improve their appearance.

Incontinence frequently causes seniors to venture out less to avoid embarrassing situations, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ask Their Doctor or a Friend for Help

Just like many other issues with our aging parents, incontinence may be better approached by a non-family member, such as a trusted friend or a doctor. Why? Because seniors tend to discredit or shrug off observations and suggestions from their own family, especially when it’s coming from an adult child. You know your loved one better than I, but if this is an option you should consider, don’t neglect it.

Our aging parents changed our diapers when we were babies. It’s difficult for them to grapple with the fact that Mother Nature has pulled this cruel switch on them. Receiving advice and directions on “how to cope” from someone you raised and who has no first-hand experience with the issue is often just too much to handle, so they start getting dismissive or defensive.

It may be less embarrassing to have the discussion with an objective doctor who’s seen it all or a friend who is dealing with the same challenges. When their defenses are down, they’re usually more willing to listen.

Reasons Why Seniors Refuse to Wear Incontinence Protection

There are plenty of other reasons beside denial and embarrassment that can make it difficult (if not impossible) to get an elder to wear adult briefs. Some of these factors are out of their control and it can take a great deal of patience on behalf of caregivers to work through them, to get them into a new routine.

Diminished Senses of Sight and Smell

Our senses weaken naturally as we age and can result in seniors’ lack of awareness of how smelly and soiled their clothing and furniture is. Even if they acknowledge that they’ve had an accident, they may downplay it and continue wearing the same clothing (wet or dry) when it desperately needs to be laundered. Because they don’t realize the full impact that incontinence has on their personal presentation, they may truly feel that incontinence protection is unnecessary, especially if they don’t leave the house or have visitors over regularly.

It’s a difficult topic too cover but informing a loved one that their personal odor or the smell in their home has become offensive is sometimes the ticket to compliance with incontinence products. Some elders are truly embarrassed when they realize that others have caught onto the issue they thought they had been successfully covering up. Just be sure to break the news gently and respectfully.

Depression Can Be a Contributing Factor

If your loved one feels no embarrassment or concern over their smell or appearance, then you may have a more serious underlying issue on your hands. Unfortunately, loss of interest in personal care, socialization and other activities can be symptoms of depression.

Spotting depression in seniors is tricky, but social isolation, chronic health conditions and pain put this demographic at a significantly higher risk. At the very least, depression screening should be part of your loved one’s annual visit to their primary care physician.

If you notice the symptoms in between visits, it’s important to make an appointment as soon as possible. Treating depression may help your loved one feel better and spur them to engage in personal care again, which, in turn, can boost their self-esteem and encourage them to venture out and socialize more.

Dementia Might Be the Culprit

If denial, obliviousness and depression aren’t factors in your loved one’s refusal to partake in continence care, a dementia screening might be the next step. It doesn’t matter who reasons with them if cognitive decline is a factor.

Depending on their mental awareness, they may no longer be capable of making sound decisions, like wearing incontinence products, changing their clothing or following their medication regimen.

If you notice any other memory issues or signs of dementia, it’s important to make a doctor’s appointment for a full evaluation. Early diagnosis is crucial for adequate planning and care.

When All Else Fails, Let Them Work It Out

I’m aware that there are times when none of the above tips will work. Our elders are in charge of their lives and daily choices. While our gentle suggestions come from a good place, there is little we can do about issues like this while they are still competent to make their own decisions.

Do what you can to get medical help, treat the person with respect and dignity, and then let go. Time may take care of the very things you pushed so hard to correct.

Sometimes, when we leave people alone to work out their problems, they stop resisting and tackle them head on. However, if the situation is extremely bad, call your local adult protection services (APS) agency. A welfare check may be needed to make some positive changes in your loved one’s life. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Just remember RULE ONE Strike the Word Diaper from your Vocabulary