Downsizing Tips from a Luxury Estate Expert

Below, we are sharing with you an interview with Lin Magnuson of the Magnuson Group that we feel is full of valuable tips when it comes down to start thinking about senior citizen downsizing.

What is the best advice for downsizing? We have a special guest Lin and you’ve presented for us before but can you give us a brief introduction?  

Lin: Sure, thank you. My name is Lin Magnuson I’m the CEO and president of the Magnuson group also known as Magnuson Estate Services. I’m a personal property appraiser and I help people figure out what to do with their stuff. So, what is the best advice for downsizing? When you’re minimizing your space, you’re also minimizing the time, effort and expense to maintain your space. but what you are doing is maximizing your independence.

Joe: I feel like you’re a life coach this is already helping me so thank you.

Lin:  It is really true that’s good, you know, but letting go of your things is not an easy thing to do most people.

Joe:  Sure

Lin: So, in order to find the next new and most appropriate home for your stuff, you’ll probably need to include your family members and your friends, and maybe some other collectors to help you.

And in many cases downsize will consider value and that’s where a personal property appraiser comes in handy. When they consider value as to what should they be doing with their art, their antiques, their silver, their jewelry, their favorite collections.

Value can come into play in that decision-making process; is this a good time to sell? or isn’t it. Or they just want to know. remember that the fundamental purpose of your possessions are to improve your life, so we’re talking about purging in order to clarify and cleanse your home and improve the quality of your life.  

Joe: And when you purge your home, you seem like it clears your mind and heart as well. Lin: Yes, yes that’s a really good feeling. great so in the beginning of the downsizing process, it’s very simple, there’s two steps:

  1. You’re going to decide what you need to keep and
  2. What gives you joy; those are your keepers.  

Couple carries moving boxes

Joe: So, this is a very good distinction, what you need to keep on like on a practical level, and then what gives you joy. It’s not like you need it practically, but it does something for you.

Lin:  that is also the problem areas well, what gives you joy, because some people can’t let go, and they think that things give them joy when all it does is clutter their environment; clutter them up. So yeah, the bringing of joy and the utilization of things is really important you know sentimental value obviously that’s an important thing.

Joe: I guess it’s figuring out what really is sentimental and what can go.

Lin:  Right and what you have room for right Joe: good Lin: you know your space is going to help you determine that. So, then there’s that everything else so that everything else is just not your keepers, and that’s where the you know the hiring of a professional becomes really important. You don’t hire professionals because it costs you, you hire professionals because it pays.

You’re going to save money and time and effort by engaging somebody who can really make the process as simple as possible, as painless as possible. So, this is the time to hire a project manager or an appraiser. So, hopefully everything else can be turned into cash that’s the goal or make sure that it finds its next new most appropriate home and you’re not getting into the nitty-gritty of the down and dealing with moving boxes and trash bags.

Joe: Great. That was good for me to hear and I definitely want to apply it hopefully soon Lin: Thank you for sharing oh yes, yes thanks again for sharing.

You know so this is where the everything else you know you’re going to start determining things by your intentions, where should things go, you want to give it to a family member, or a friend, or donated to your favorite institution. what is the desirability of the items, and the value and the accessible marketplace of those items. hopefully you’ll find its next new home.